Where the Earth ends, and Sky begins

Kittilä   Lapland   Finland

Experience the beauty of pure nature of Finnish Lapland, and discover a sense of peace. Here at The Fell, Earth connects with the Sky, reuniting the body and soul. Enjoy the time to relax, contemplate, and the company of loved ones. Engage in winter’s snowy activities and the Northern Lights in this unique location of natural beauty.

An Intimate Wilderness Retreat

Reserve a private
All Inclusive holiday

Immerse yourself in the authentic experience with our carefully crafted “Lapland Bucket List” -An Itinerary, designed by hospitality experts who know the region inside out. From local snow games to adrenaline-pumping activities, your itinerary includes thrilling husky safari and indulging in relaxing wellness experiences. Elevate all your senses and let us handle the details; your vacation is meticulously planned at The Fell.

Discover the Arctic’s Hidden Gem

Secluded luxury meets pristine wilderness at our lodge

Welcome to The Fell, a charming hideaway lodge nestled atop a picturesque private fell. The traditional log cabin is authentic and beautifully designed, suitable for up to six persons. Enjoy the tranquility of Lapland’s wilderness in extreme privacy while still being close to all amenities and Arctic activities. Rise up to a place where time seems to stand still.

Where the Nature Sings